Aloha, we are about to open our office on the West Side of Kaua`i. We will be accepting patients soon; for now contact the Lihue office for further information and to make appointments.

"Hand health and upper extremity injury prevention is crucial, especially among the many professional artists, crafters, technicians relying on their hands for their livelihood," said Jerry Coverdale, OTR, CHT, ASHT President. "As hand therapists, we do more than treat injuries - we help people experiencing pain or impairment resume functional activities and enhance their daily lives."

Welcome to Kauai Hand Therapy, the only Hand Therapy Clinic on Kauai with over 25 years experience. Established January 2, 2007. The art and science of Hand Therapy is to assist the hand and upper extremity patient in the restoration of function after an injury or illness.

Kauai Hand Therapy (KHT) was created by Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) Midge Horwood as a place she could see the hands and upper extremity patients of Kauai. KHTís vision is to provide the highest quality hand and upper extremity rehabilitation to all the people of Kauai. KHT is the only Specialized Hand Therapy Clinic on Kauai and Midge is the only CHT on this island. There are about 10 CHTís in the state.

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